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Blogging short stories #1 - MEET THE CHARLIES

I didn’t know his name so I called him Charlie.      Charlie was about 30 years old, around 5’ 8” tall, and of slim build. His thin legs were visibly bowed, and this, together with the tight-fitting yellow trousers with the crotch hanging down to his knees that he always wore, gave him the appearance when he walked of a duck waddling along. If he had suddenly started to flap his arms and go Quack quack! I wouldn’t have batted an eye.      Charlie lived in the flat below me with his girlfriend who I named Mrs Charlie. Mrs Charlie was about the same age as Charlie, was about 5’ 4” tall, slim, and liked to dress in smart trouser suits. I guessed that she had a job as a financial adviser or a family solicitor.      The final member of the Charlie household was a small dog that I called Dog Charlie. I have very little knowledge of dog breeds and so am unable to say to which one it belonged. It had a shaggy coat, light brown in texture, and big floppy ears. In the mornings I saw Charlie t…