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The Kay Players, Darlington

Note: The Kay Players was active until c. 1985. This blogpost is for the period up to 1965 and is not complete.

The Kay Players was an amateur drama group established in Darlington, Co. Durham in 1944 by Kay Barrow, at the time a professional producer and drama coach. The group adopted their founder's first name in order to demonstrate the high regard in which Mrs Barrow was held.

The President of the group was Eric Marsham (E.N. Marsham, Esq.) and numbered among the Vice-Presidents was Lady Starmer, O.B.E., J.P. 

From their home at the now defunct Little Theatre on Kendrew Street, Darlington, the group offered to the public a diverse repertoire of plays, which included:

Berkeley Square [pre-1954]
Candida [pre-1954]
The Glass Menagerie [pre-1954]
The Lady's Not For Burning [pre-1954]
The Heiress [January 1954]
Rope [circa March 1954]
Journey's End [circa June 1954]
The Wandering Jew [September 1954]
Under the Sycamore Tree [December 1954]
The Hollow [March 1955]
See How They Run [Septem…