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Brutus - the Death of an Assassin - 23 October 42 B.C.

In the year 42 B.C., on 23 October, Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger ended his life less than two years after participating in the assassination of his mother's lover and civil partner Julius Caesar.
Some said that Brutus was Caesar's son as his mother Servilia had been one of Ceasar's multitude of mistresses.

Orphaned at an early age, Brutus was raised in Greece where he was initiated in the arts of Platonic philosophy and stoicism. He becomes convinced that man's affairs could only be governed by reason and not by force of arms. But back in Rome he found himself falsely implicated in a plot against Pompey, and was forced to flee.

His political career finally took off when he was sent to Cyprus to assist Cato during his governorship of the isle. While there he amassed a tidy fortune and returned to Rome a rich man and married Clodia Pulchra. 

More riches flowed Brutus's way when his 'father-in-law', Julius Caesar, appointed him as questor in the province of Ci…

Jakob Fugger the Rich

Jakob Fugger (1459-1525), known as Jakob Fugger 'the Rich', was one of the richest people that ever lived. He made his fortune in banking, trading, and occasionally contraband, in particular saffron, pepper and other spices. He also had a lucrative sideline in the sale of indulgences with his business partners in the Vatican, which gave impetus to Martin Luther's Reformation in Germany.